LET Diploma in Lighting Design

Key points to note about the course

  • This is a distance learning course
  • Internet connection is required
  • Payment (deposit and first instalment) must be cleared before the course commences
  • There is a limit of 30 places per year
  • Exams can be arranged in the country of domicile
  • Contact Pom Daniells for more information on let@cibse.org or 020 8675 5211

Summary of the Lighting Design course content

As Innes says,

Lighting is both an art and a science - and the science element is often clouded by technical terms, complex physics and mathematics

But please do not be too concerned about this. As you might expect the ‘fundamentals’ part of the course explains the physical properties of light and its physiological effect on humans. It will therefore cover some of the ‘physics’ of light and some of the lighting ‘mathematics’ by way of lighting calculations that today are performed by modern lighting design software...

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