About LET

The Lighting Education Trust (LET) was established in 1995 as a charitable trust for “the advancement of public education in the subject of Lighting and Lighting Design and Engineering by funding such university degree courses and such other courses at any educational establishments as the Trustees shall from time to time decide”.

LET oversees and funds lighting education at all levels, working to maintain and develop the overall standards of lighting practice in the UK. It encourages and disseminates information about lighting training throughout the UK, for all levels of ability and ambition and initiates and accredits courses that lead to professional qualifications.

The original purpose behind the LET was a determination to maintain industry support for the acclaimed Light & Lighting MSc programme at the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, University College London, which was in danger of being cut back unless supplementary additional funding could be secured. Strongly backed by the then Lighting Industry Federation, now the Lighting Industry Association (LIA), one of whose members, Philips, had provided substantial funding for the original development of the course and subsidised it for a number of years, the LET was set up as an independent charitable trust.

In establishing and sponsoring the charity, unprecedented solidarity was displayed between manufacturers, consultants, designers and institutions, most of whom have continued their support. The funds pledged have provided stability and continuity for the University as well as underwriting the broad remit of the Trust.

The LET continues to move forward with planning of programmes for fundamental training and CPD, accreditation and sponsorship of courses, monitoring and promotion of research and other initiatives to encourage development and benefit the profession.